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When There Is Excess Humidity In The Air

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Humidity In The Air

When there is excess humidity in the air, our body’s ability to cool itself through perspiration is inhibited. One way an air conditioner makes us feel cooler is by reducing the amount of moisture in the air.


NATURAL VENTILATION    ENERGY-SAVING TIP: >>  If you live in a cooler climate, take advantage of the wind to naturally cool your home.

Ventilation is the least expensive and most energy-efficient way to cool a home. Natural ventilation relies on the wind to create a “chimney effect” to cool a home. A simple natural ventilation strategy is opening windows to create a cross-wise breeze.

Fans        NERGY-SAVING TIP: >> Turn off your fans when you leave the room — fans cool people, not rooms.

Fans circulate air in a room, creating a wind chill effect that makes occupants more comfortable. Fans for cooling come in a variety of options, including ceiling, table, floor and wall-mounted.

WHOLE HOUSE FANS        NERGY-SAVING TIP: >> In many climates, a whole house fan can provide cooling needs even on the hottest days.

Whole house fans pull air in through windows and exhaust it through a home’s attic and roof. To ensure proper sizing and safety, professionals should install whole house fans.

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