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We Provide BWOF, Maintenance, and Repair Services by qualified IQP REGD Staff

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Air Conditioning and Heating Repair

Air Conditioning & Heating Repair

Our top-notch service technicians have extensive knowledge of and experience in repairing all major models of air conditioning equipment. At AIR CONDITIONING COMPLIANCE SERVICES we respond quickly to every repair call and always treat you with courtesy and respect. We are always sure to leave your home or business

Air Conditioning and Heating Repair

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the greatest way to guarantee a good return on your A/C investment. The air conditioning maintenance plans we offer give you peace of mind that your investment is being properly cared for. You can rely on us to make certain your HVAC systems are safe and are operating correctly. egardless of the season.

BWOF, Maintenance, and Repair Services

Independent Qualified Persons (IQPs) BWOF

It is important to remember that the Form12A that is signed by the IQP is a regulatory Certificate of compliance with inspection, maintenance, and reporting procedures . Councils could use instant fines Regulations 2007 relating to BWOF matters such as displaying a false or misleading building warrant of fitness $1,000


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Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

As your heating and air conditioning system ages, it will need minor repairs as a result of normal wear and tear. Regular HVAC maintenance identifies these minor problems while they are still small; in turn, handling these minor repairs as they occur helps you control your budget by preventing large, unexpected repair costs. The heating and air conditioning maintenance plans we offer our Auckland customers are flexible and affordable – you can choose the level of protection you need and a price that fits your budget.

  • Adjust operating pressures
  • Test safety controls
  • Clean and adjust blower components
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Measure volts/amps on motors
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Adjust thermostat calibration
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Clean condensate drains

Why take the chance of having to suffer through uncomfortable temperatures because of an unexpected breakdown? Contact us today to learn how we can help you preserve your HVAC investment and maintain ultimate indoor comfort all year long


Save Money with HVAC Maintenance Contracts

Types of A/C repairs we perform

Air conditioning systems utilize many components to perform their jobs effectively. Our skilled technicians have the knowledge required to perform repairs, whether they be major or minor. If it is determined that your air conditioner is in need of attention, here are just some of the areas which may need repair:

  • Motors
  • Compressors
  • Capacitors
  • Air duct systems, including leaking or broken duct work
  • Refrigerant lines and Freon, including recharge
  • Thermostats


Building Warrant of Fitness – BWOF

Do you own or manage a building that requires an  IQP

Inspections carried out?  We can do these for you…

Many commercial properties under the Building Act 2004, require an annual Building Warrant of Fitness if they have certain types of systems installed;  air conditioning.

If you want we can offer to carry out a no obligation, free apprasial of you building to see what you require, building warrant of fitness, servicing,

We can offer you a IQP Inspections and service contract options if you require it.


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